About me

Hi! My name is Liam, I am a software engineer and app developer from Manchester in the UK. I am AWS certified having passed my DevOps Engineer professional exam and I currently work for a company called ANS in Manchester. I have worked there since June 2016 and have loved it ever since. To find out more about me, where I have worked, my current employment, my interests/hobbies and qualifications/achivements I have passed then please visit the "Curriculum Vitae" page by selecting the button in the top navigation bar.

About Me


Below are the projects I have created and the projects I am currently woking on. I have created iOS apps, games and experimented with machine learning and AI. To find out more about each project select the project card below and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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Lockdown (iOS)

Lockdown is an account/password manager that allows you to keep all your important accounts/passwords in one place and never need to worry about remembering them all. Just setup one rememberable master password and you're good to go!

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Day View (iOS)

Day View is a simple way to view your day showing you information displayed as compact user friendly cards. Day View provides you with useful information such as the weather, live traffic, the latest news and even events from your calendar.